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Beale School has a very interesting history.  There have been 3 different Beale schools in Gallipolis Ferry, WV.

The original school was situated on land that was surveyed by George Washington for General Hugh Mercer that he received for his services during the Revolutionary War.  It was located 4 1/2 miles south of Point Pleasant on one mile east of the Ohio River.  General Mercer deeded the present site of this school to Colonel Charles T. Beale for land.  This land was later deeded to McCulloch who deeded it to Samuel Wallis.

In 1902, Samuel Wallis sold the site to the Board of Education for  $75.00.  That same year a One-Room School was built on the spot and named "Mayflower".  The head teacher was Berton Grimm.  He changed the name from Mayflower to Beale in honor of Colonel Charles T. Beale and this school was in operation until 1951.

In February 1951,  a new school building also called Beale opened.  This one was closer to Route 2 and one mile below the Gallipolis Railway Station.  There were four rooms in the school, two were to serve as an auditorium and the school also had a kitchen. This new bigger school could now accommodate 140 students.  This school served the community from 1951 to 1984.

The Third Beale School opened September 10, 1984.  This new school was much larger and incorporated the students of Beale, Woods, and some Central and Beech Hill students. Beale now serves 255 students from preschool to 6th grade.

Adam Watson, Principal- acwatson@k12.wv.us

Maria Eshenaur, Assistant Principal - meshenau@k12.wv.us

12897 Huntington Road

Gallipolis Ferry, WV 25515
Phone (304) 675-1260  FAX (304) 675-1261


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